Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Harvard Square Photoblog

Harvard Square Photoblog Right now, I am sitting and blogging live from Bostons amazing new Apple store on Boylston Street. Although the stores actually less than a mile from my fraternity house (according to GoogleMaps), I got here by a far more circuitous route. Specifically, I started my day by having some delicious dim sum with friends in Chinatown. After gorging ourselves on dumplings, pork funs, and other heart-touching delicacies, we wandered around downtown Boston to do a little shopping (which had the added benefit of helping us avoid food coma). I ended up spending quite a bit of time in the downtown Borders (walking away with Ringworld, The Left Hand of Darkness and a few others) before splitting with the group and heading back down Boylston towards Skullhouse. All was going well I was nearly to Mass Ave, practically in view of homeand then I got distracted by the giant glass Apple store, which I had never visited, towering three stories above the street. The rest, as they say, is history. So, here I am, just a few feet away from the giant Apple sign, mooching off the free wireless and free Photoshop to bring you a blog entry about another set of weekend antics specifically, last weekend, when my friends Caroline 11, Stunes 11, and I headed to Harvard Square to go book-shopping and see The Dark Knight. First destination: the Kendall Square T stop at the eastern end of campus, which helps connect MIT to the greater Boston area. Did you know that there are bells inside the Kendall Square T stop? After two quick stops on the Red Line, we found ourselves in Harvard Square. Knowing we had a long day in front of us, we resolved to fortify ourselves with some nutrition before heading into the wilds. Which meant, of course, a stop at Crazy Doughs, one of Bostons many fantastic pizza joints, which is part of a larger mall complex called The Garage. After ordering, we found ways to amuse ourselves until our pizzas were ready. Pizza devoured, we headed for dessert at Ben Jerrys. Stunes and I decided to share a banana split. I was going to say we were going to split a banana split but that just sounded awkward. Next, we headed to Newbury Comics, the store that sells practically anything a geek could want. From Dr. Who to Magic: The Gathering, its all here. We also stopped briefly in Hootenanny, a punk/emo store. Finally done with The Garage, off to find books! Our book-hunting mission accomplished, we headed to the theater, where Teresa 11 joined us to watch The Dark Knight. Now pardon me, Im going to play with the iPhone 3G for a few minutes, and then I think some of my female friends are going to drag me to Mamma Mia. Oh well, how can I resist?

Friday, May 22, 2020

Death of the American Dream in Fitgeralds The Great...

The American Dream is dead. This is the main theme in F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel The Great Gatsby. In the novel Fitzgerald gives us a glimpse into the life of the high class during the roaring twenties through the eyes of a moralistic young man named Nick Carraway. It is through the narrators dealings with high society that readers are shown how modern values have transformed the American Dreams pure ideals into a scheme for materialistic power and further, how the world of high society lacks any sense of morals or consequence. In order to support this message, Fitzgerald presents the original aspects of the American Dream along with its modern face to show that the once impervious dream is now lost forever to the†¦show more content†¦The product of all of James Gatzs hard work is the longing Jay Gatsby, who epitomizes one of the main characteristics of the American dream: everlasting hope. Gatsby desire to win Daisys love is his version of the old American dream : an incredible goal and a constant search for the opportunity to reach this goal. This is shown when Gatsby is first introduced into the novel. It is late at night and we find him with his hands in his pockets out to determine what share was his of our local heavens. While Nick continues to watch Gatsbys movements he says: -he [Gatsby] stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and, far as I was from him I could have sworn he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward-and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away, that might have been the end of a dock. (Pg. 20-21). The green light that Gatsby reaches out for symbolizes his longing, his longing for Daisy, for money, for acceptance and no matter how much he has he never feels complete. This green light is part of the American Dream. It symbolizes our constant searching for a way to reach that goal just of in the distance, as Nick described it, Gatsby believed in the gr een light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but thats no matter-tomorrow we will run faster, stretch our arms farther. And one fine morning- (Pg. 180). Gatsbys

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Choosing Immigrant Story Essay Samples Outiline

Choosing Immigrant Story Essay Samples Outiline What Needs to be Done About Immigrant Story Essay Samples Outiline Human rights and needs ought to be considered and the positives related to immigrants will need to get evaluated before the present government produces a decision on evicting or locking out anyone. Immigration is something which has occurred for a lengthy period of time, but on account of the contemporary advancements in travel and other technology, it's becoming increasingly more common. Obviously, the gap in the grade of education turns to be very large and immigrants are in a disadvantageous financial position since the moment they've arrived to the new nation. When combined with how the gap in wealth between wealthy and poor countries is ever increasing, it's apparent that immigration is something only likely to grow. The only means to stop illegal immigration is to create changes in rules. It's obvious that illegal immigrants searching for an immigration reform is a massive issue, there are various things holding our nation back from giving the ones in need one. Illegal immigrants bring plenty of problems to the United States of america, and several are of the opinion they ought to not be allowed to go into the country in the very first spot. An illegal immigrant can't be considered an employee under the IRCA, which automatically deals with the discrimination issue. Before starting an essay, it's important to understand what you're writing for. You've come quite a way and have a lot stronger comprehension of what a Rails application entails. Your writing has to be brief and concise. Drafting and planning together with researching should be done in order to have a simple writing. Reading samples of response papers is also an additional way by which you can easily learn how to compose a reaction paper to documentary. Also, you can look for sample expository essay topics so you will be aware of what to research and that which you will deal with. In here, you ought not introduce any new info. You should offer information which is related to your thesis. Essay outlines shows you that even if you're not an expert writer, you are still able to make a great essay. Making an essay isn't an easy job. Writing an argumentative essay can occasionally be confusing as you don't necessarily understand how to compose a convincing argument. Writing a persuasive, argumentative essay can be challenging, and at times it can find a little confusing. The immigrant issue is a popular issue on earth today. Unique Purposes of Education There are various purposes for gaining education like education will help to sustain an individual's social and financial life. An individual with a working visa doesn't delight in the advantages that a citizen of the country does. The issue is, it's hard to achieve that. The Foolproof Immigrant Story Essay Samples Outiline Strategy Select an easy project you need to construct. Immigration doesn't have to be the bad man's escape in the event the government provides enough jobs for everybody. The government isn' t only targeting the illegal immigrants but corporate America in addition to hiring undocumented workers to lessen their cost of conducting business. Thus, the governments and global communities should tackle the issue through the enactment of treaties and laws prohibiting the trend together with illegalizing prostitution. Illegal immigrants are the tremendous area of the economy. Slavery is connected with illegal immigration. Illegal immigration can be repealed in the event the government takes the right measures. Proper laws and reforms will need to go implemented in the struggle against illegal immigration and are likely to be prosperous. There are several different explanations for why people have their country to go to a different nation. It's indeed practical to work abroad, especially if it's the case that you do not observe any improvement in your nation's financial landscape. So, it's required to attempt to find the citizenship of the nation you immigrate to as soon as possible. The good' fight against despots and to curb the increase of extremist terrorists has made a lot of hot spots on earth.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Huck Finn Comparison Essay Free Essays

Justin Esteves 1/18/12 Puddn’head Wilson and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Comparison Essay There are several differences that are evident between Puddn’head Wilson and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. One of the major differences between the two books is the characters that are involved in the stories. They have different personalities and react differently to different situations. We will write a custom essay sample on Huck Finn Comparison Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now The twins in Puddn’head Wilson are young men from noble descent from Italy who left their country. They are smooth talking, but really don’t lie about a situation. However the Duke and King in Huckleberry Finn aim to trick people in different towns by selling the people tickets to a show that never existed. In one instance a man dies and they pretend to be related to him so they can get his inheritance. The ages of the main characters are different as Huck is a boy while the characters in the other story are adults. In Puddn’head Wilson it is said not to have a specific plot line, but in Huck Finn the story follows the classic plot line scheme. There are many similarities between the two stories. One of them is that the settings are very much the same as they both take place on the Mississippi River. Actually when I was reading Huck Finn, I couldn’t get the picture of the setting of Puddn’head out of my head. Another similarity is that the twins and the King and Duke are similar characters since they are together in pairs all the time in the book. The final similarity is the involvement of death in both books. The whole story of Puddn’head is based around a murder. In Huck Finn, Huck makes it look like he was killed to escape from Pap and the town. After Mr. Wilks’ death, the Duke and the King go after the money in his will. Another death in Huck Finn was Pap who was found dead in a house during a flood. Overall The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a lot better than Puddn’head Wilson. After reading several reviews more readers liked Huck Finn and some people really disliked Puddn’head Wilson. Both books were about life on the Mississippi River from a long time ago. It was interesting to see how people lived in that period of time. Even though the stories took place many years ago, there are many similarities between the people from then to now as to how they treat each other. People were the same then as they are now and have the same outlook on life. The books and life follow Mark Twain’s quote, â€Å"The damned human race. † How to cite Huck Finn Comparison Essay, Essay examples

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Inland Beach Essays - Films, The Miracle, Birth,

Inland Beach Margaret Creal leaves us with plenty to ponder about as her use of symbolism is used to describe the strength and wisdom of women along with the miracle of birth. Margaret Creal uses symbolism to link the fragility of birth to the delicateness of life. Margaret Creal describes the scenery at the beginning to illustrate what the surrounding beach looks like, however we can also see that her description also resembles the miracle of birth. It is evident that the bay as representing the "outside world" and the ocean as being still in the women. "The bay empties through a narrow neck into the ocean"(153). This description of the ocean and bay resembles how babies are brought into the world. This description helps the theme of the story as it may not be possible for all readers to figure it out but it is pretty interesting when found. When Ben tries to get back in from the ocean to the bay he struggles and kicks rhythmically. This is the same as birth in life as it is always difficult to get the child out of the mother. " I said, I'm trying to come in, and I can't" (154). The author only allows us to see the story through the mothers eyes so we can never completely get the full impact of what Ben feels as he is fighting to get back in. This directly reflects what happens when babies are thinking when they are brought into the world. The mood of the story changes dramatically as the mother's attitude changes rapidly as Ben is stuck in the ocean. The mother is very happy when she gets to the beach as everything is in order but she becomes very angry with Ben, as he does not listen to orders. She is in fear as she finally discovers that Ben is moving further out and he can't come back in. She then feels pain in her stomach when she thinks that Ben and she are going to die. In the end the mother is happier than ever as a rope that has direct symbolism with an unbiblical cord, the lifeline of an unborn child saves them. I really liked this short story as it is not quite clear at first what the main focus or theme is. It was not until I read it a couple of times to discover that the author life is a lot like birth. It also gives a good description of what women have to go through to make the biggest miracle on earth happen.

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Yellow Wall Paper essays

The Yellow Wall Paper essays The Yellow-Wallpaper as a Social Criticism Traditionally, men have held the power in society. Women have been treated as a second class of citizens with neither the legal rights nor the respect of their male counterparts. Culture has contributed to these gender roles by conditioning to these gender roles by conditioning women to accept their subordinate status while encouraging young men to lead and control. Feminist criticism contends that literature either supports societys patriarchal structure or provides social criticism in order to change this hierarchy. The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, depicts one womens struggle against the traditional female role into which society attempts to force her and the societal reaction to this act. From the beginning of this work, the woman is shown to have gone mad. We are given no insight into the past, and we do not know why she has been driven to the brink of insanity. The beautiful...English place that the woman sees in her m inds eye is the way men have traditionally wanted women to see their role in society. As the woman says, It is quite alone standing well back from the road...It makes me think of English places...for there are hedges and walls and gates that lock, and lots of separate little houses for the gardeners and people. There is a delicious garden! I never saw such a garden-large and shady, full of box-bordered paths, and lined with long grape-covered arbors with seats under them. This lovely English countryside picture that this woman paints to the reader is a shallow view at the real likeness of her prison. The reality of things is that this lovely place is her small living space, and in it she is to function as every other good housewife should. The description of her cell, versus the reality of it, is a very good example of the restriction women had in those days. They were free to see things as they wanted, but th...

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

How to Get an ISBN in 10 Minutes (or Less!) the Master Guide for 2019

How to Get an ISBN in 10 Minutes (or Less!) the Master Guide for 2019 ISBN for Self-Publishers: The Complete Guide When it comes to discussions around books and publishing, we all know the most exciting topic at the table: how to get an ISBN.We know not everyone is thrilled by the idea of obtaining a serial number but, just like editing and design, they're a  pretty critical part of self-publishing. Luckily, we’re here to answer all of your questions on the subject. How to get an ISBN: the complete guide for self-publishers #pubtips What is an ISBN number?An International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is a 13-digit code used as a unique identifier for books. An ISBN is assigned to each edition of a publication, enabling publishers, bookstores, libraries, and readers to quickly find titles.An ISBN number never expires. Even very old numbers with only 10 digits can be converted into a 13-digit code with this conversion tool from Bowker.How to read an ISBNAll standard ISBNs comprise of five parts that tell us the following:The number 978 or 979 indicates that the digits are a book codeThe country or language group of the publicationThe publisherThe title of the publicationThe check digit - which, in a non-technical nutshell, indicates that the number has been verifiedAs they are used by retailers for inventory reasons, only authors who are planning to print and distribute hard copies of their titles need to obtain a barcode.Is it the same as an ASIN number?It's similar, but not the exact same. ASIN number are 10- digit codes generated by Amazon to identify the products on their page - so it's similar to an ISBN in that respect. However, while ISBNs can be used across various bookstores, ASINs on apply on the Amazon store.Additional ISBN resourcesFor more information regarding the topics covered, here are some links to check out:International ISBN AgencyFrequently Asked Questions (answered by Bowker)Bowker’s Set-Up GuideNielsen InformationThere’s no wrong or right answer provided that you think ahead. If you have a lightbulb moment one day and decide to write and publish a book as a passion project, you can probably eschew this whole process and rest easy. If you’re looking to start your own publishing business, then carefully weigh your options. Investing in an ISBN might be the smart bet or an unnecessary one, depending on your goals.